Caution: Always perform a thorough intake interview before treatment. As with the application of any topical substance, ascertain that the client or patient does not have any ingredient allergies before applying. Do not apply to rashes, open wounds or sores. Do not apply in body cavities or mucuos membranes. Avoid eye area. Keep product away from children and pets. These protocols are neither intended nor implied to be medical advice, a substitute for a diagnosis, treatment plan, or medical recommendations from your physician. If you feel you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or call 911.

CryoDerm® Treatment Protocols

Occlusion Strapping

CyroDerm Spray Bottle

Occlusion Stapping of Knee

CyroDerm Pump Bottle

Occlusion Strapping is a way to drive CRYODERM deeper into the tissue, thereby increasing the effectiveness of its Pain Relieving and Anti-Inflammatory qualities. CRYODERM is applied to the area to be treated then covered with plastic. There is no evaporation under the plastic so the body opens the pores further in an attempt to accommodate while the plastic reflects the heat and product back into the body. This is cyclic and continues during an 18 to 20 minute treatment. The results are nothing short of amazing!

For more detailed information click the link "How to Perform an Occlusion Strapping on a Knee"

CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Massage for Sciatic Pain

Supplies needed: Massage table, linens, bolster

Products needed: Magnesium Calming Cream, CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Gel

Duration: 30 minutes

  1. Begin with the client prone on the massage table, with drape exposing gluteal and leg on the affected side.
  2. Place bolster under the client’s ankle to avoid hyperextension.
  3. Apply Magnesium Calming Cream to entire leg beginning at the posterior ankle. Focus on hamstrings and massage entire gluteal area, all the way up to posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS), using effleurage strokes for several minutes to warm and relax muscles.
  4. Apply compression strokes from posterior ankle to gluteus minimus.
  5. Apply CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Gel, and petrissage entire leg from posterior ankle to PSIS, going lightly at pattelar triangle.
  6. Working from posterior ankle, apply circular thumb friction to entire lower leg, skipping patellar triangle, followed by circular friction on hamstrings, and gluteal muscles.
  7. Apply Magnesium Calming Cream again and effleurage entire area from ankle to PSIS.
  8. Use muscle stripping technique on lower leg, followed by hamstrings and gluteals.
  9. Vibrate leg and gluteals.
  10. Have client turn to the supine position, and repeat protocol steps on the anterior aspect of the leg from ankle up to origin of the quadriceps in order to work opposing muscles.
  11. Assist client off the table if needed.

Revitalizing Foot Treatment

Supplies needed: Massage table, linens, two heated towels, bolster OR reflexology chair and two warm towels

Products needed: TheraBlend™ Extreme Foot Cream, CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Spray

Duration: 30 minutes-1 hour, depending on client’s booking preference

  1. Have client supine on table with appropriate draping and bolster under knees, or reclined in reflexology chair
  2. Wrap both feet in heated towels and allow client to relax for a few minutes.
  3. Remove one towel and spray entire foot with CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Spray.
  4. Apply thumb compression to entire bottom of foot, working in zones from medial to lateral.
  5. Apply TheraBlend Extreme Foot Cream and do deep effleurage on entire foot.
  6. Using knuckles, apply deep strokes on plantar muscle, starting at ball of foot and stroking downward to heel.
  7. Apply circular friction to sole of foot.
  8. Using thumb, apply deep friction on Achilles tendon.
  9. Rotate and stretch toes.
  10. Using thumb, apply cross-fiber friction to dorsal aspect of foot, working in zones from each toe to ankle.
  11. Apply effleurage on entire foot again.
  12. Supporting foot on posterior ankle, put through full range of motion stretching with dorsiflexion, extension, and lateral extension.
  13. Reapply CryoDerm® Cold Therapy Spray.
  14. Repeat on other foot.

CryoDerm® Warm Therapy for Back Pain

Supplies needed: Massage table, linens, bolster

Products needed: CryoDerm® ® Myofascial Cream, CryoDerm® Pain-Relieving Warming Lotion

Duration: As desired.

  1. Have client prone on the massage table.
  2. Apply CryoDerm® Myofascial Cream to entire back and lateral torso using effleurage, working inferior to superior.
  3. Petrissage entire back.
  4. Apply CryoDerm® Pain-Relieving Warming Lotion to problem areas; rub into the muscle using palmer friction, followed by specific friction.
  5. Palpate for muscle bands that may still be taut. Use effleurage as a transitional stroke, and apply muscle stripping techniques as necessary. If client was injured while lifting or bending, focus on erectors. If client was injured while twisting, such as while golfing, focus on latissimus dorsi and intercostal muscles. Be cautious when stripping muscles and do not work beyond the client’s pain tolerance.
  6. Perform vibration, followed by nerve strokes, to end therapy in this area.
  7. Assist client off the table if needed.