The Heart of Business

Written By Laura Allen, President of Sales & Marketing, AHC Ventures, Inc on February 1, 2022

What would you say is the heart of your business? For CryoDerm, the heart of our business is people. For more than two decades, our focus has been on creating plant-based products that help people. Many of our customers are healthcare providers, and most of them chose that line of work because they, too, have the desire to help people

No matter whether you're a healthcare worker, a tradesperson, an accountant, or a server in a restaurant, the bottom line of your business is dependent on the people who purchase your goods and services. Customers are the reason for your work, not an interruption of it. We've all been in a store at one time or another when we needed help from a salesperson, and there wasn't one to be found (but if you were there just to browse, they might be on top of you). We've all probably received bad service in a restaurant at one time or another. Maybe the server and/or the kitchen staff was short-staffed, overwhelmed, and trying hard to keep up. We should avoid jumping to the conclusion that they just didn't want to help us; that's usually not true. 

It's our desire to give the best customer service we can give: to answer the phone in a friendly manner, respond to messages quickly, get your order out as soon as possible, and all the other things that go with providing great service. We appreciate it when the people that we deal with in our supply chain do the same. We also understand that there have been interruptions of commerce and shipping, shortages of raw goods, and people being sick and missing work that are beyond our control and beyond your control, no matter who you are and what business you're in. Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and remember that we're just one person or just one company in the world, and that it doesn't revolve around us. The grocery store doesn't want to be out of soup and crackers. The hardware store doesn't want to be out of generators. The restaurant doesn't want to close due to lack of help. We're all in the same boat. 

We appreciate the people who buy, use, and recommend our products. We appreciate the people who are involved in the supply chain and in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We appreciate the people who deliver the goods. We appreciate the healthcare workers, who have been stretched to the end of their rope by this COVID pandemic. We appreciate the small business owners who are doing the best they can to keep their doors open. We appreciate the resilience and determination of people, who are the heart of our business and every businessdoing the best they can in the times we are living in. 

Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate it. 




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