Our Hopes for the New Year

Written By Laura Allen, President of Sales & Marketing, AHC Ventures, Inc on December 29, 2020

Last New Year's, none of us could have foreseen the things that were going to happen this year. Of course, we can never see the future; none of us have the guarantee of tomorrow or even the next breath. 2020 has not been kind to many of us. We hope and pray for a better world in the New Year. 

We hope that you and your family have good health. 

We hope that you and your family have prosperity. 

We hope that COVID-19 goes completely away. 

We hope that we are all able to resume our normal lives and doing the things we have taken for granted.

We hope we can visit our loved ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes. 

We hope we can gather with family and friends without worrying about getting sick or making someone else sick. We hope we can go to the football game, the concert, the family reunion, the worship service, the race track, the bowling alley, and all the other things we've missed.

We hope children can return to normal school and their dance classes and Little League games and birthday parties and sleepovers. 

We hope we can go to the grocery store and not worry about following the arrows and going the wrong way down the aisle. 

We hope we stop seeing masks discarded in parking lots. 

We hope that the ever-rising statistics of positives, hospitalized, and deaths from COVID will stop being the "normal" news of the day. 

We hope for overworked frontline healthcare workers to know they are appreciated. 

We hope that unrest, division, and violence is not the only thing that makes the news. 

We hope that those who have lost their family members find peace. 

We hope that those who are homeless have shelter. 

We hope that those who are hungry have food. 

We hope that businesses recover, and that new opportunities present themselves. 

We hope for an abundance of serenity and a lack of stress and worry. 

We hope for peace on earth. 

We wish you and yours a Happy New Year. 

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