Autumn: A Time for Renewal

Written By Laura Allen, President of Sales & Marketing, AHC Ventures, Inc on September 29, 2020

Happy Autumn from CryoDerm! The leaves will soon be falling...that may have already happened in your area; there's even been a snowfall or two in some places. In nature, it may seem like an end, but Autumn is actually a beginning. After the harvest of summer's bounty, the fields lie fallow to rest and renew, or are planted with winter vegetables. Birds and animals move to a warmer climate. Some settle down for their long winter's nap as the weather turns colder. Many people lament the end of summer, but the changing of the seasons is always a good time to take stock of things, in both our personal and business lives. 

On a personal level, it's a good time for cleaning and clearing out things that are no longer serving you, and maybe start some new good habits. It's the same in business. We sometimes get complacent with just maintaining the status quo, but if we're not growing, we're standing still. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our lives and our businesses have been affected in one way or another. Some of us have lost loved ones, or seen them suffer through sickness, or been sick ourselves. Many businesses have closed, or muddled through, stuck it out, made necessary changes, and survived. We have to remember that not only have we been affected, but our patients and customers have been affected as well. Some have quarantined as much as possible, and may still be doing so. Some may not have the discretionary money they had before the pandemic, and may have let non-emergency care and services, such as massage therapy, fall by the wayside, especially when they are not covered by insurance. It may seem hard to grow during the present circumstances, but where there's a will, there's a way. 

Many practitioners now offering telemedicine. That can work great for physician consultations; not so great for a massage or chiropractic session. But some enterprising providers have been offering sessions online, teaching their clients and patients self-care techniques they can use at home, until they feel comfortable coming into the office. Personal trainers are also doing online sessions. These can be scheduled one-on-one, or as a group session. You can always test the water by sending an invitation to your email list or posting on your social media pages, to see what kind of response you get. 

Those who retail products can do that online, as well. Retail businesses who offer curbside pickup or free shipping are thriving right now. Let your clients and patients know if you're willing to do that. Our plant-based Therapeutic Pain Relief Products are backed by research, and used and recommended by thousands of healthcare providers. CryoDerm has always supported small business by offering wholesale pricing to all licensed healthcare providers with no required minimum orders. We also give free samples and brochures with the order of every case, and we'll also be glad to list you on our website as an authorized CryoDerm reseller. If you haven't taken advantage of our wholesale pricing, give us a call at (954)978-9290 and we'll immediately set you up with an account. 

It's a good time to examine the financial health of your business and see where you can cut corners without cutting services. No one will know or care if you buy business supplies at the thrift store. Review your marketing strategies. Be sure you pay close attention to your stats on all paid internet advertising each month. If it isn't worth the money, let it go. You're better off to spend the extra money in the places that are effective. 

It's a good time to practice self-care. Some of us have had a hiatus from working, or reduced hours due to COVID. Don't spend it sitting on the couch! Movement is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Get out for a walk and breathe the crisp fall air. Spend the time with family and catching up on those projects you never seemed to find the time for. 

We wish everyone a safe and healthy Autumn. 


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