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Written By Laura Allen, President of Sales & Marketing, AHC Ventures, Inc on July 31, 2020

We're not a huge company, and we don't make hundreds of products. We make a few and make them well. CryoDerm has something for everyone. We make plant-based products for pain relief, used by thousands of healthcare professionals and their patients and clients. 

Our biggest seller is CryoDerm Cold Therapy Roll-On. That and our other cryotherapy products provide fast acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain relieving cold therapy that is clinically proven. Use CryoDerm® for soft tissue injuries, muscle strains, sprained ligaments, neurological conditions, arthritic bone and joint conditions, tendonitis, neuritis, bursitis, neuropathy, neuromas, and plantar fasciitis. The secret of this pain reliever is its deep penetrating, long lasting cold sensation, and natural ingredients such as arnica (to reduce swelling), boswellia (for anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic actions), eucalyptus( for its warming properties and anti-bacterial nature), ilex ( to loosen joints and reduce swelling), menthol (to activate peripheral cold receptors), MSM (an essential healthy tissue found in joints), peppermint oil (for its anesthetic properties, purified water and SD-Alcohol 39-C (an all-natural distilled grain alcohol for external use only). CryoDerm® Gel can be used in place of massage creams and oils for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and deep tissue.

Some people prefer therapeutic heat products, or alternate them with cold therapy. CryoDerm® Heat Warm Therapy products provide fast acting, deep penetrating pain relieving warmth for muscle sprains and strains, sore stiff muscles, bursitis and tendonitis, arthritis and joint pain. The secret of this pain reliever is menthol, camphor, capsaicin, and other natural ingredients such as aloe barbadensis, arnica, boswellia, green tea extract, ilex, msm, tocopheryl acetate, yucca aloifolia, and natural denatured grain alcohol. CryoDerm® Heat Gel can be used in place of massage creams and oils for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and deep tissue. 

For those who like warming products, but need something a little less intense, our Myofascial Ointment is amazing. CryoDerm Educator James Waslaski helped us develop this for use in massage therapy. Our Myofascial Cream is equally amazing without the heat. 

Myofascial Cream and Ointment with Glide to Resistance Ratio™ Technology insures you get Grip without Slip! This new Cream and Ointment allow you to work the deeper invested fascia while maintaining just the right amount of glide. The Ointment has a gentle warming effect while the Cream has a tingly peppermint sensation. Both formulas contain MSM, Arnica, Boswellia & ILEX for maximum therapeutic benefit. Use with all manual modalities including tools to address adhesions in muscles and tendons. CRYODERM Myofascial products are a Game Changer that will enhance your work and insure the best possible outcome for your clients and patients. Both formulas contain MSM, Arnica, Boswellia & ILEX for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Our great plant-based Supplement, Rezume®, supports healthy anti-inflammatory and pain signal responses. If you prefer managing pain without narcotics, try it. Rezume® Tablets contain Inflagen Blend. Inflagen Blend Contains Natural Plant Extracts of: White Willow Bark Extract, Andrographics Paniculata Extract (ParActin®), Turmeric Root, MSM, Yucca Root, ILEX Paraguarineses (Yerba Mate Leaf), Boswellia, Devil's Claw Root Extract, Ulva Lactuca, Naringin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Our newest products, TheraBlend™, contain Hyaluronic Acid to help create a moisturizing retention shield and are pH-Balanced to help maintain the skin's barrier and integrity. It's been demonstrated that skin, with the proper pH values is healthier, more hydrated, and has a stronger barrier function. Utilizing these benefits in creamy, luxurious formulas creates the perfect glide. Better quality and purer ingredients mean less applications, allowing you to work longer while maintaining the perfect glide, leaving the skin feeling Hydrated, Healthy, and Alive! Our TheraBlend™ line includes Healthy Balance Hydrating Face Cream, Extreme Foot Cream, Advanced Massage Cream, and Intense Jojoba Chamomile Lotion. 

Finally, our Medical Grade Silicone Cups are wonderful for static or dynamic cupping. Although traditional cupping therapy has remained the same for over 5000 years, the techniques used and cups themselves have evolved with time. The Silicone cup is the latest improvement to this traditional therapy. The transparent medical-grade silicone-cups are easier to clean, making them more hygienic than traditional glass cups and safer to use, as there is no risk of scalding since heating the cup is not needed to create suction. Silicone cups therapy assist in returning and regulating disturbed body functions, alleviate pain and cramping, improve circulation and help with inflammation. They're also very affordable, so you can get into cupping without breaking the bank. 

All CryoDerm products are available in a variety of sizes, and healthcare professionals get wholesale pricing on everything with no required minimum order. Give us a call today and we'll immediately set you up for access to our wholesale pricing. Retailing our safe and effective products can add substantial passive income to your practice without a big investment or sales quotas.  

As always, we appreciate your support! 

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