Protecting Our Brand

Written By Laura Allen, President of Sales & Marketing, AHC Ventures, Inc on September 10, 2019

Since our inception almost 20 years ago, CryoDerm has been devoted to the healthcare providers who use and recommend our products. We give wholesale pricing to all licensed healthcare providers, include sample products with the order of every case, and provide free retail displays and brochures to assist you in successfully recommending our products to your patients and clients. Our website, and our reviews on numerous online venues from physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and others are a testimony to the effectiveness of our products in relieving pain. 

You'll never see our products in Walmart. That's not the way we roll. 

But in recent years, we have had a huge problem with Amazon. There are numerous unauthorized resellers who are offering our products there. They are in violation of our policies, and stealing our intellectual property, including our images and product descriptions. We've received complaints from some of our healthcare providers about the fact that they give out samples to their patients, who then turn around and buy cheap product on Amazon. 

We have been attempting to gain control of this situation for several years. Amazon has not been helpful to us in fighting this problem; they are only concerned with their own profit, as they of course make money from every bottle sold there, no matter who is selling it, or whether they are legitimate or not. They are in violation of their own Intellectual Property policies by allowing this to go on. 

We would like to enlist your help, as a provider who legitimately offers our products, by asking you to educate your patients and clients that unauthorized resellers on Amazon are offering cheap knock-off products that have ingredients that vary from our own, selling out of date product, and repackaging our product. Just yesterday, an Amazon customer who had purchased CryoDerm stated on a product review that he had always received CryoDerm product that was sealed, but when he purchased from Amazon, it came packed in a plastic baggie. Many of these unauthorized resellers have the disclaimer that "packaging may vary." That is not the way CryoDerm sells our product. Our packaging does not vary. We're proud that our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

If you are ordering direct from us, please get in touch with us by calling 1-800-344-9926 to ask for an Authorized Reseller badge that you can put on your own website and any retail aids you might need. We will verify that you are purchasing from us and send it to you. 

We know that you have worked hard to build your business. So have we. We stand behind the quality, effectiveness, and freshness of our products. We cannot stand behind product unless it was purchased direct from us or from an authorized reseller who buys directly from CryoDerm. We appreciate your support of authentic CryoDerm products. 

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