CRYODERM and CryoDerm Heat have many Therapeutic uses, among them is the treatment of pain associated with muscle, joint, and neurological conditions. They have Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Arthritic, Anti-Bruising and Anti-Spasmodic properties as well as having a stimulation effect on the vascular and lymphatic systems. Both products may be used pre and post rehabilitation exercises in office and at home.

What Makes CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat Different From Other Topicals

CRYODERM and CryoDerm Heat were formulated to immediately break the pain spasm cycle by overwhelming the topical receptors thereby eliciting the Gate Theory Of Pain Control. Once the pain signal is completely or significantly reduced the muscles no longer need to be in involuntary contraction, as they begin to release blood flows to the area breaking up the ischemic condition. Energy begins to be made aerobically as opposed to anaerobically stopping the production of lactic acid and the buildup of metabolic waste. While this is happening the essential Natural ingredients in the formula are penetrating deep into the tissue to create a long term anesthetic affect. The delivery of these key ingredients is aided by MSM which regulates the sodium potassium pumps in the cell thereby increasing permeability. Once delivered, peppermint oil stimulates the vascular and lymphatic system further aiding in the removal of metabolic waste and the reversal of the ischemic condition. Additionally other vital ingredients in CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat have anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising, anti-spasmodic and anti-septic properties.

Some other Topicals simply have insufficient amounts of active ingredients to elicit these responses and merely cause skin irritation and cold or hot sensations. This is a band aid effect and doesn’t actually address or assist in the healing process of the body.



Pre Adjustment
Applying CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat several minutes before adjusting releases muscle spasm and aids in turning down muscle spindle cells allowing the Doctor to achieve a smoother easier adjustment that is more comfortable and effective. Additionally the patient will experience less or no tenderness or discomfort post adjustment due to not eliciting the same response from the spindlecell as they would without using our products.

Post Adjustment
Applying CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat, post adjustment aids in releasing hypertonicity of the paraspinal and associated muscles. Irritation and hypertonicity due to activation of the spindle cells that may be caused by adjusting are immediately addressed. Adjusting focuses on the subluxation while CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat address the secondary effects, pain, inflammation, bruising and the ischemic condition associated with the subluxation. Combined with Chiropractic adjustments CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat leave the patient with a sense of well being and in a pain free state.

Use with Ultrasound
Apply CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat to the area to be treated, and then allow it to dry for several minutes. Apply an FDA approved coupling Gel or Lotion over the area and perform the treatment as usual keeping in mind that the sensation will be enhanced so check in with your patient while performing this procedure. Never mix CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat with Ultrasound medium as the active ingredients become trapped in the coupling agent and are far less effective than when applied directly to the affected area.

Use with Electrical Stimulation
Due to the high strength of CRYODERM and CryoDerm Heat DO NOT apply under E-Stim pad’s as there is a potential to burn the patient. USE CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat in between and around the pads to improve circulation and relieve pain. This will enhance the effects of Electrical Stimulation and create a much longer lasting effect.

After Cold Therapy
Applying CRYODERM after cold therapy will enhance and prolong the cold sensation, while adding additional longer term anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and anti-spasmodic effects to the treatment.

Pre or Post Moist Heat Therapy
Due to the high strength of our products we do not recommend applying pre moist heat as it may cause excessive hyperemia and discomfort. CryoDerm Heat may be applied five to ten minutes after the hot pack has been removed. This will enhance and prolong the warm sensation, while adding additional longer term anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and anti-spasmodic effects to the treatment. For contrast therapy apply CRYODERM five to ten minutes after the hot pack has been removed.

Range Of Motion Therapy
CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat release muscle spasm and reduce swelling and inflammation thereby effectively increasing range of motion allowing the therapist to passively or actively move the affected area through a greater range of motion. Reduced pain means therapy becomes easier with greater compliance.

Post Treatment At-Home Therapy Use
Suggest to your patients that they should purchase a bottle of CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat for home use to help them manage pain and discomfort between office visits. Additionally this will insure that any soreness potentially associated with being adjusted is being addressed. Applying CRYODERM or CryoDerm Heat at home after adjustments aids in speeding up the body’s natural healing process.