Lab Assistant Looking Into MicroscopeAbout Us

Based in Margate Florida, Alternative Health Care Ventures (AHC Inc) DBA CRYODERM specializes in the development and delivery of scientifically researched natural remedies designed to address acute and chronic pain. Based on cutting edge herbal ingredients from around the world, AHC is committed to improving the health and lifestyle of people through natural healing.

Mission Statement

Since CRYODERM’S inception in 2000 our goal has been to bring the highest quality, most effective topical Pain Relievers to the medical market. Today our goal remains unchanged as we recognize that millions of people depend on our products to live productive, normal, pain free lives. That satisfaction drives our team to continually update our formulations and ensure that only the purest ingredients are used in our products.

CRYODERM Is Committed To Research And Development

Since the late 1500’s, the microscope was the most powerful tool available for scientific research. Recently a new microscope, hundreds of times more powerful than its predecessor was developed. This powerful microscope allows us to look deep within cells into the blueprint of life itself – DNA! Working at this cellular level allows our researchers to formulate and titrate our products to exacting standards insuring Maximum Pain Relief is obtained. Nothing less is acceptable! Further, CRYODERM™ engaged Precision Biometrics to evaluate the effectiveness of CRYODERM™, on hypertonic muscles, using our MyoVision Model M8000.

: After careful evaluation and under controlled circumstances using the MyoVision SEMG System it was determined that treating painful, swollen, hypertonic areas with CRYODERM™ showed significant reduction in muscle activity, 74% in the cervical region and 55.19% in the lumbar, significantly aiding in the release of hyper tonic muscles and assisting in breaking the pain spasm cycle. David the developer of MyoVision after testing was completed stated “It is therefore my opinion that CRYODERM™ is an extremely effective drug and an excellent adjunct to Chiropractic and other physical modalities.”

Think Green LogoEarth Friendly Products and Packaging

ECO-FRIENDLY CRYODERM takes great care in creating the highest quality, most efficacious Pain Relievers with minimal impact on the environment. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from only two materials: recycled paper and PET plastic. When it comes to the environment, CRYODERM Cares. If we’re all responsible we can leave a better, cleaner, safer environment for our children to enjoy. Together we can make a difference.

Recyclable LogoWe remain committed to producing the most effective Topical Pain Relievers and to provide you with the best customer service possible.

Manufactured in The United States